Website Video Production

Website video is now a reality.

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You want a highly effective web site, right?...but maybe you think that web video is poor quality and too expensive to produce. Well, think again.
Thanks to our partners at Infovideo, we are proud to offer our clients high quality, cost effective presentations that follow a hassle-free production process.
Choose from Testimonial, Demonstration, Personal Presentation or Custom styles - played instantly, 24/7, from within your web site pages!
Web videos are powerful tools that get results, and keep your web site on the cutting edge.

The Web Video Production Process
Choose from one of four styles for your video:

A happy customer is your best advertisement!
Have existing customers that are crazy about your product or service, tell others how you have helped them to achieve their goals.
You'd be surprised at how willing they are to help!
Use an Infovideo Testimonial to bridge the gap with potential customers and achieve solid customer confidence for increased sales.

Seeing a product or service in action is a powerful marketing tool!
Show how your product works, or walk through your services - explain the benefits and features
in a REAL and TANGIBLE way. Communicate clearly to your potential customers for increased sales.
Use an Infovideo Demonstration to achieve a high level of comprehension in your potential customers.

Personal Presentation (see above example)
A personal delivery makes a strong connection with your audience.
Increase new-customer confidence by explaining features and communicating important information.
Use an Infovideo Personal Presentation to speak directly to your potential clients,
or deliver important messages to clients and colleagues for corporate communications.

Combine Infovideo Styles and Units to deliver a custom presentation that best suits your needs.
Interviews, Presentations, Demonstrations etc plus Units of Voice Over, Music and Graphics
delivered in unique video sizes to fit your web design ... so many options!

• We will customise your video to suit your website. The video can be shot at your chosen location.

Contact us today with your requirements for a video for your website.

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