The Website Design Process

Grant Wallis Designs has three different types of websites to suit your needs: standard, paypal e-commerce and e-commerce with shopping cart built-in. We offer maintenance plans for all three types of websites if required. Below is the standard process for our website designs:

Our simple 9 step website design process

    1. Gather your images, logo, text and any other elements you want to have on your website together, ready to be placed on your website.

    2. Select a website type from the three different types we offer, as described above.

    3. Have a discussion with us about creating your website.

    4. Sign our web design contract, which protects both your company and ours in the event of any disagreements.

    5. Pay the deposit for your website. Both the deposit amount and the balance owing will be listed in the contract you sign.

    6. We will commence work on the design of your website upon receipt of the contract and deposit.

    7. We will send you the design of your website within 7 days and make any adjustments before proceeding with the remainder of the website. Adjustments to the initial design are free for 7 days from receipt of artwork.

    8. Once the client is happy with the design, we complete the rest of the website according to the client's wishes. We then upload this design to a temporary directory where your website is hosted.

    9. Once the client is happy with the website and has paid the balance payment for the website, the website can be uploaded to the main directory of the client's web space for public viewing.

Our Web Design Methodology
Our websites are a balance of usability and aesthetic design.

We realise that your business wants to stand out from your competitors with a great looking website, though we never overlook the importance of usability, that is how easy it is for your visitors to use your website.

All web users at some point have been frustrated at not being able to find what they want on a website, as a result of poor navigation design or the design of the overall website itself. Frustrating your visitors with your website generally means they will leave your website, resulting in losses of sales and/or business dealings. At Grant Wallis Designs, we make sure none of our websites fall into this category. A well designed, easy to use website can make all the difference in ensuring your customers feel comfortable dealing with you.

Design standards have become particularly important over recent years, with the emergence of the internet onto formats such as PDA's and mobile phones. We always design to the css (cascading style sheets)and xhtml (extensible hypertext markup language) standards as set by the W3C, the overseeing body of the internet. This ensures your website is accessible to as many people as possible.


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