Logo File Formats explained

AI File

Fully editable logo design master file.

Perfect for:

Professional Printing. (Requires Adobe Illustrator)
Graphic Design. (Requires Adobe Illustrator)

PSD file

This file format is used by professional designers and is the native file format of Adobe Photoshop. You need Adobe Photoshop to open this file type. We supply it with a transparent background too so it is great for use by a professional web designer.

Many people mistakenly think the PSD file is your editable supplied source file. This is not true for logo design. For a logo to be used across a large spectrum of uses and applications it is created as a vector file. Vector files can be resized using the right software without loss of quality. Your PSD file can also be used for home/office printing if you have Adobe Photoshop.

Perfect for:

Home/Office printing. (Requires Adobe Photoshop.)
Web Design. (Requires Adobe Photoshop.)
Graphic Design. (Requires Adobe Photoshop.)

JPG files or JPEG as it is often referred to.

These file types are all used for home/office printing in applications like Word or PowerPoint (you import the image into your document) or for web site images.

Perfect for:

Home/Office printing.
Web Design
Importing in to Microsoft Office applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access etc.

JPG file (Grayscale)

This file type is provided if needed. Ideal for newspaper advertisements or faxes where a black and white copy of your logo is needed.

Perfect for:

Home/Office printing.
Web Design
Importing in to Microsoft Office Applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access etc.

PDF file

This file format is used on the web but can be used for Professional printing also. We supply this file format if needed, with bleeds and printers guides if needed.

Perfect for:

Professional Printing

Transparent File Formats:

JPG files do not support transparency. We do however supply a couple of transparent file formats with your finished logo pack if needed. These formats are the PSD, GIF or PNG files.


Please let us know what size you need the gif made in and we can do it for you. Gif files are often used for logos on the web as they are suited to files with large areas of the same colour. Gif files do not resize well at all. If you try to resize Gifs yourself the results will generally be very poor. They often suffer from pixalation when resized (this is the technical word for jagged edges on images).


PNG files are a website file format supported now by most web browsers. PNG files resize much better than gifs and are high quality.

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