Photo Gallery Options

Please click the links below to view a preview of each gallery type.

All the galleries below focus on not having to reload the page or open a new one. This speeds up the viewing process dramatically. They are much better options than javascript new window popups, as some web browsers have popup blockers turned on which will prevent the popup from being viewed.

Greybox - a nice ajax popup gallery with the ability to add captions to each photo. Can also be used to display websites, images and other content.

Slimbox - Designed as a slimmer version of the popular Lightbox script, hence the name. This script uses less code than lightbox, designed to speed up the viewing process.

Roebox - Designed as a combination of Lightbox and Slimbox, Roebox is an extremely lightweight and efficient photo gallery option.

FancyZoom - FancyZoom creates a very fancy zoom animation effect for each popup.

CSS popups - this gallery creates popups as the user scrolls over each thumbnail.

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